We are Odonto!


We are Odonto!


Dear customers and business partners, 

I am very pleased to announce that from April 15th 2024 our company will present itself under the new Odonto brand. I strongly believe that Odonto will represent our vision and values well and we will build on our successful 30 years of experience. 

Thanks to your long-term support and cooperation, we have become a trusted and reliable partner in the field of technology and equipment for dental offices and laboratories. Your trust and satisfaction has always been and will continue to be the driving force of our company. The new brand Odonto will allow us to better express the vision and goals of our company in the online environment, which is becoming an increasingly important channel of communication and purchase. 

I am convinced that Odonto will have a positive impact above all on you, our loyal customers and partners. By focusing on digitization and the development of online services, we want to get closer to your needs and bring a more efficient and convenient way of purchasing equipment and materials for your surgeries and laboratories. 

I look forward to further cooperation with you and I believe that Odonto will bring you and our company many successes. 


Ing. Leo Schaffer 

director Schafferová spol. s r.o. 


What might interest you with re-branding to Odonto?

With the change, we want to better present the size, background and scope of our company. Odonto is a short, original and easy-to-remember name that will allow us to more concisely communicate our specialization in the field of dentistry and our focus on modern technology. Odonto will dignify the thirty years of successful work under the name Schafferová, which we respect and will forever remain a part of our history.

The word “odonto” comes from the Greek word for "tooth", so it has a strong connection with the fields of stomatology and dentistry. The new logo is made up of 32 teeth in two rows, just like an adult's dentition. In addition, the teeth/facets are shown in a circle and using a color gradient, representing dynamism and growth.

The name of the company, registered in the commercial register, remains Schafferová spol. s r.o. Only the brand under which the company will appear in public is changing.

No. There is no change in the company's ownership structure, corporate officers or partners.

Invoicing information, company address and telephone numbers remain the same. Only email addresses from @schafferova.cz and @specialcare.cz to @odonto.cz change, but all original addresses will be automatically redirected to the new ones.

The Special Care division will be newly presented under the name Odonto – Special Care, and the division's logo will also change. Contact details and the address of the specialcare.cz website remain unchanged. Only email addresses from @specialcare.cz to @odonto.cz change.

Current orders and contracts will not be affected by the change. The business name of the company is the same.

We are constantly working to expand the range and quality of services and the breadth of the product range offered. Nevertheless, we believe that Odonto will open up space for us for new collaborations and services and will be more interesting for our business partners as well.

If you have any further questions about the change, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@odonto.cz or by calling +420 585 757 200